Pool Side Wedding

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2011 in Articles

It's a great idea to have a pool side wedding, especially if you and your partner love the water. Here are some tips on holding a pool side wedding.

Inform your guests about the pool side wedding and try to fit in a theme. You can go a Beach theme or a Goan theme or even a Hawaiian theme. Let the guests know in through the invitation cards what the theme will be and about suitable attire.

Create a wedsite for your wedding to let your guests know more about the theme and give their own suggestions. You can take in suggestions for decorating the place, music to be played etc. You can also let guests tell others of what they are planning to wear so people conform to the theme.

Decorate the pool side with several lights, beach towels and lounge chairs. You can also scatter beach cushions and beach umbrellas around. Decorate the area with fresh flowers and keep a few flowers for guests to adorn their hair with. These could be roses, lilies or orchids.

If you are the bride, you can always go for a white bikini and sarong or a nice red one. Bling up the bikini with crystal work and embellishments. Wear a nice silk sarong along with this. Alternatively, you can wear a beautiful, translucent silk kurta over a bikini top and team it with a pair of silk shorts. As the groom, you can wear a good bear of beach shorts and a floral shirt. Keep a couple of swim suits and sarongs handy for guests who want to slip into something else.

Makeup and Hair
Use a waterproof foundation, concealer, blush, kohl, eyeliner and mascara, so your makeup doesn't get all runny. Use a good waterproof lipstick and lip gloss which give your lips a nice pouty look. Gel your hair to give it a wet look and dress up your curls with a flower or a flowery clip.

In keeping with the pool side theme, serve sea food and shrimp cocktails. Ensure that there are a lot of starters and cocktails going around to keep your guests satisfied. Try serving sophisticated cuisine like a light soufflé or a terrine. Serve light deserts such as cheesecakes and jellies.
Have a great pool side wedding!

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