Pool Skimmers

by Pool Builders on 03-06-2008 in Articles

Pool skimmers are extremely important to have. They are known to help you save a lot of time. They are sometimes called Scuppers. The skimmer is designed for you pool to keep debris out of the water. It takes any floating debris in your water and transfers it into the skimmer basket. The skimmer is actually supposed to catch the debris before it goes to the bottom of the pool, so that you don't have to vacuum your pool as frequently as you would without a skimmer. Skimmers therefore help save you time.

There are in-ground skimmers and above ground skimmers. You do not want to accidentally get an above ground pool skimmer for an in-ground pool and vice versa. This could cause your pool to backup or shut down causing your pool to be a hazard to anyone who swims in it. In-ground pool skimmers do not have a face plate while the above ground pool skimmers actually have a face plate.

The in-ground pool skimmers are set onto the concrete of your pool while the above ground ones actually fit into a hole inside of the pool wall panel. In-ground pool skimmers make it extremely hard for you to change the skimmer or replace it if it needs replacing. Being removed from concrete, it is obviously going to take heavy hammers or machines to remove the pool skimmer. The main part of the in-ground pool skimmer also gets tiled up so that it will match the rest of the pool, if it also is tiled. There are also a lot of in-ground pools that have different ports. There are usually two ports that are found on the bottom of the skimmer. The ports help to connect the port to another port to run into the pool filter pump. This is extremely important to have these two parts connected together to keep your pool running properly. The above ground pool skimmers have three holes on the face plate. They are for the different pipes to be threaded through the skimmer to the different areas needed.

The above ground skimmers and the in-ground skimmers have many things in common with each other. A lot of times, skimmers are made out of the same type of plastic. Every skimmer must have a basket, lid, and weir so that there is no debris that could drop into the skimmer or no one could get hurt from the pool skimmer. Be sure if you have to replace a part on your skimmer you get the appropriate part because there are pool skimmers that are different shapes and sizes. This will help with many different safety precautions. If a pool skimmer is not taken care of properly there could be serious injuries. Keep your skimmers replaced and new looking and you will have a safe and happy venture in owning a pool.

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