Pool Slides to Glide Your Way to Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-02-2010 in Articles

After the novelty has worn off, swimming daily in one's pool in one's own backyard ceased to be exciting and tended to be boring and monotonous. When we noticed this in our children, we almost regretted spending so much money to have our above ground swimming pool installed. But then, we don't want to regret that decision upon remembering how we all loved swimming and the pride we felt in owning one. More so that we are not the type to easily give up; so, we faced the challenge of how to rekindle our children's love of our pool.

So, we did internet-surfing and shopping on line and found a long list of all kinds of pool accessories to perk up our pool. We focused on above ground pool slides after recalling how we had to go every now and then to this fast food joint because of our children's love to climb up and slide down in their play area. We figured that having our own above ground pool slide will surely win over our children's heart and entice them to visit our pool often (and make us feel we are getting our money's worth). We searched and read up on everything concerning above ground pool slides. We found a simple inflatable above ground pool slide that did not really cost us an arm and a leg (less than $90 bucks). We thought we sure could afford that, by which we will be able to indulge our children their simple joys.

Still, we had second thoughts. To settle the matter, we went to our local stores selling pool accessories to see the real thing and found out that indeed we really could afford it. We checked to make sure that the material is sturdy enough to withstand incessant sliding. We were gratified to see how our children loved sliding down and assured they get into the refreshing water( instead of the floor mat or foam or grasses).

We sat back and thought that our judicious planning and internet-searching really paid off. We also thought that going through the internet first before heading out to buy is the best move.

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