Pool Solar Blanket � Eco Friendly Ways for a Pleasant Swim  

by Pool Builders on 06-13-2011 in Articles

Swimming is great fun. It is indeed one of the best exercises in the world. However, it isnt always pleasant to feel icy cold water biting into your skin when you jump in for a dip in the pool. On certain summer days, it so happens that the nights become extremely cold. This causes the pool water to reduce its temperature drastically. So when you jump in during the day or in the early hours of the morning for a swim, you cannot help but freeze. To prevent this from happening, many people install pool heaters so that they can arm up the pool before they go in for a swim. However, given the increasing cost of electricity these days, and the way the government is increasing the taxes on people who purchase luxury items that consume too much energy, this is a very expensive idea. You can instead, use a pool solar blanket and achieve much higher savings.

The Mechanism

A pool solar blanket is a blanket or a cover that can be used to cover the entire surface of the swimming pool when it is not in use. The pool solar blanket is made of a plastic or some other synthetic material and it has air bubbles on the top. The air bubbles can trap the incoming rays of heat from the sun, and ensure that the pool becomes warm. At the same time, the plastic material also ensures that no heat is allowed to escape from the water into the atmosphere outside. Thus, the pool solar blanket acts as an overall insulator as well as a mechanism for trapping the suns heat in the pool. You can therefore achieve up to 15% increase in the pools temperature when you choose to use the pool solar blanket.

Fit and Shape

The pool solar blanket can also be tailored so that it can exactly fit the shape of the surface of the pool. Hence, it doesnt matter if you have a kidney shaped or some other designer shaped pool you can always get the one of the right size and shape for it. You must be very careful while the measurements are being taken, and make sure that the pool solar blanket is made to fit the surface of the pool exactly, especially around the edges, so that no single spot gets left uncovered. In this way, you would be helping to ensure that the pool is completely covered by the pool solar blanket, and that no amount of heat is allowed to escape.


Ideally, you must cover up your pool with the pool solar blanket at all times when it is not in use. You must also make sure that it is cleaned regularly as instructed, and checked for any defects or damages. Thus, with a little bit if care, you are able to achieve a much more environment friendly way of protecting your pool from becoming too cold. You would also be ensuring that your own carbon footprint is reduced to a very large extent by using the pool solar blanket.

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