Pool Solar Heaters - How to Build Your Own Pool Solar Heater

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Are you interested in heating your pool and you want to do it for a good price? Do you want to extend your swimming season and you want it to be done in a very environmentally safe and friendly way? There is a way to build your own pool solar heaters and they are actually very inexpensive and easy to put together. Here is a plan to put together your solar heater.

First, you are going to need about 150 feet of long black tubing that is about a half inch around to three fourths of an inch around. You will also need about 10 feet of PVC pipe that will fit snugly into the ends of the black tubing. you will need a shut off valve that will be attached to one end of the PVC piping. You will also need a pump that will be strong enough to move water through the tubing at a slow speed.

Second, you are going to need some 2 by 4 pieces of lumber and some metal brackets. You will want to attach the black tubing to the 2 by 4s going back and forth making a coiling pattern. This is the basic part of your heater that is going to get the water hot. You will want to mount this part of your heater on a rooftop that is in direct sunlight, a shed, a barn, a garage, or anywhere else that is in direct sunlight. The hotter this gets the better.

Last, you will run the PVC piping from each end of the black tubing into the pool. The pump with go on one end of your PVC piping and the shut off valve on the other end. When you turn the pump on it will suck water out of your pool at a slow speed and pump it up and through your black tubing, very slowly. You want this water to be sitting in the black tubing and getting hot. Then, when it comes back into the pool it will start to raise the temperature of your pool. This is now your solar pool heater.

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