Pool Solar Panel: Heat the Water, Not the Planet  

by Pool Builders on 07-26-2010 in Articles

Pool solar panel is the most ideal way of heating up swimming pools. This is an elegant way of conserving energy for heating up your swimming pools. Most parts of the country reach freezing temperatures apart from the summers, which makes the swimming pools inaccessible to you. A solar panel pool gives you the opportunity of utilizing your pool in most seasons of the year.

Solar power and your swimming pool

The energy that the sun emits is infinite and humongous to all the power generation techniques available on the planet. Renewable sources of energy like solar energy can attribute to a clear supply of electricity without increasing the factors related to the exhaustion of the oil supply in the world.

To have a pool and not use it most part of the year makes it frustrating for it owners. With the help of pool solar panel, you can consistently have dips in your pool, which you were missing during drop in temperatures. These panels bring the pool temperature to an ideal level, allowing you to swim in colder weather.

Pool solar panel run on effective technology that ensures complete heating of the pool. These panels are flat or are in tubular shape which is used as water heating collectors. Your water eventually starts corroding due to the chlorine factor.

The evacuated tubes have clean water pumped through them and the heat exchanger ensures effective heating of the water. This entire procedure greatly reduces corrosion of the water. A temperature controller is utilized to push the water into the panel by operating the pump.

You have an option of mounting the collector panels on the roof or can keep it ground mount. Since there is a temperature difference between air and water, the panels are left unglazed. For people who are residing in colder regions, it is best advised that the collectors should be able to drain conveniently for effective heating.

Reduce your bills & carbon emission

Insulating your pool by traditional techniques has lot of adversities. Pool solar panels can compete with gas and heat pump pools completely. The amount of electricity consumed for heating up pools can reach enormous figures, thus giving your bills a mammoth value.

With the aid of pool solar panels you will not have to sacrifice your wishes of venturing in your pool in colder times. Due to the usage of solar power, you will never have to shed a single dime for heating up your pool.

There is no doubt on the amount of money that you will save on your electricity bills for heating up your pool.

Traditional techniques of heating the pool, increases carbon emission and creates platforms for increase in the green house effect. Each time you would have taken a dip in your pool with traditional insulation; your swim would have harmed your wallet and the planet at the same time. With the pool solar panels, you can take infinite dips while insulating your water, without ever worrying about spoiling the planet.

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