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by Pool Builders on 06-26-2006 in Articles

Pool supplies can generally encompass a whole array of equipment for pools. Some of these are pool sweeps, filter grids and cartridges, saltwater chlorinators, pool pumps and motors, pool filters, pump/filter combinations (skid packs for above-ground pools), pool heaters, timers and controls (electronic controls, pool timers, freeze guards), lights, valves and plumbing, and parts (cleaners, pumps, filters, heaters), as well as pool covers. Slides, diving boards, ladders, liners, and other accessories also form a part of swimming pools.

The first step toward a clean pool is pool water care. For this, a common oxidizer/sanitizer, like chlorine, is used to burn up organic material in the water, which greatly reduces the load on the filter. Care has to be taken to maintain the pH balance and proper total alkalinity level, as well as to check calcium hardness and stability. It also makes sense to get a pump that is sized properly and that won't waste energy. A good pump should be able to pump the entire capacity of the pool in eight hours. An automatic pool cleaner is a necessary luxury that saves time. There are many pool supply websites, like Poolplaza, which displays a good range of pool equipment and cleaners; pool supply websites also provide the advice needed to select the right supplies for the pool.

Pool filters come in three varieties: Sand, D.E., and Cartridge. These days, pool heaters offer advanced designs that are much more dependable, energy efficient, and durable, besides having several more features. There are pool heaters that are even equipped with integrated pool timers and freeze protectors.

Among the available pool cover supplies are solar blankets, solar reels, domes, safety covers, and winter covers. These days, hot pods (a kind of floating spa), slime bags (to clean dirty or cloudy water), and accessories that are meant for pets are also available.

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