Pool Supplies - How to Clean a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 12-07-2009 in Articles

In order to perform the job faster you should spend money on the right pool supplies. Firstly, you should have a leaf skimmer. It is a net at the end of a long handle which comes in handy when one has to remove large debris. Secondly, you should have a pool vacuum that is either connected to the water circulation system or has its own power supply. The basic job of the vacuum is to suction out dirt that settles at the bottom.

The nylon bristled wall and floor brush is another important tool. Its name explains its function well. Then you should also have an algae brush that is basically used in concrete pools. It has stainless-steel bristles that clean plastered walls really well.

If you have a pool with tiles, you should also have a handle-held tile brush. It helps remove calcium scale and other deposits without causing any harm to the grout. If your tiles have stubborn spots then you should get as pumice stone. These will easily be removed. A useful tip is to clean the tiles of the pool first. Dirt from the tiles will settle at the bottom and then you can easily vacuum it out. For more effective cleaning use tile soap. Squirt it on the brush and apply directly to the tiles.

Do not forget to scrub both below and above the waterline. Avoid using abrasive brushes or scouring pads to clean tiles as they may cause scratches.

If you want to clean the pool quickly and more effectively then go for skimming by hand. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep the strainer baskets clear as it helps improve the efficiency of the circulation system.

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