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The origins of the swimming started in approximately 2500 B.C. in the era of Egyptians. They provided sufficient amount of acts of swimming. Likewise, other ancient cultures also adopted this fact and started to adopt the concepts of swimming from the Egyptians. Egyptians started to teach other cultures about the acts of swimming such as Ancient Rome and Greece. We find evidence of the first public swimming pools [http://www.clean-water-filters.com/] in Rome.

Afterward, spirited swimming played a starring function in the first contemporary Olympic Games which were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Alfred Hoyos Guttman was the first person who won the first modern Olympic gold medal in swimming, an event which took place in the bay of Zea on the Aegean Sea. He is said to have had to contend with incredibly cold water and waves that reached up to 12 feet. Swimming, of course, continues to play a major role in today's summer Olympic Games.

From this we can know that people are found of swimming and now there are plenty of swimming areas some people also prefer to install them at homes which become beneficial for them in many other ways. Swimming pools [http://www.fresh-water-supply.com/] are easy to install but after installation they require a special care. For instance, it can be difficult to find the leak and determine how to repair it. The following article should help you with these tasks.

You are required to place a large tub full of water on the first step of you pool on order to determine evaporation which is causing the water level to go down. You need to place full container of the water which can equal down the level of the pool water. At the time when no one is in the pool and no one is swimming check the level of the water so that you can know exact level and evaporation of the pool.

The foundation of your water loss is probably just desertion if the water in the container and the water in the pool go down just about the same amount during those days. You almost certainly have a leak in the pool if the water level in the pool goes down much faster than the water level in the container.

Evaporation and splashing becomes important and it requires ruling out. It is quite common for swimmers to splash a lot while playing in the pool and a hot sun is accomplished or removing moderately a bit of water from the pool on an everyday origin. If there is a leak you are required to know first that from where it is leaking. There are three main causes of water loss from swimming pools which includes;

* Plumbing leaks,
* Shell leaks, and
* Evaporation or splashing

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