Pool Supplies That You May Have Not Thought Of  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

OK. You have your towels chemicals and sunscreen, so you are now equipped with all of the basics that you will need in the way of pool supplies? Are there any other pool supplies that you need that you may not have thought of? Chances are that there are, so here is a list to look over.

Here is One You May Not Have Thought of

Hey! What about an outdoor clock? They are now cheaper than ever to buy and you can also get outdoor clocks that are mini weather stations that show the ambient temperature and atmospheric air pressure. Time sure flies when you are out by the pool and an outdoor clock can be a real life saver if you have any type of schedule to keep.

Here Are a Couple More

What about a hunk of old fishing net to sling up on your fence? It looks great and this is where you can store all of your pool toys when they are not being used. While you are at it, consider picking up some tiki-torches. They will come in handy for night swims.

Stay Comfortable

It's always nice to have a couple of funky broad brimmed shade hats hanging around the pool, along with a big comfortable long sleeved shirt. It can be windy and slightly cold or sunny and hotter then heck but the kids are still going to want to stay in and swim. A sun hat or warm long sleeved shirt can make watching them in these conditions so much easier.

Block Out the Suns Harmful Rays

Sun screen works good but you really should pick up a couple of tubes of zink oxide sun block that stops the suns rays dead in it's tracks. It's for the very delicate areas of yours and your kids faces, such as noses, upper lips and foreheads. The kids may complain about the way it looks now but they will sure thank you when they get older.

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