Pool Sweep Shark Robot

by Pool Builders on 10-15-2005 in Articles

The new Swimming Pool Vacuum Sweep Shark Simulation Robot will do many things to help your pool. Save lives and prevent yellow water human discharges.

It also we maintain a set of highly sophisticated sensors to detect human urine. If a kid goes into the pool and does not obey the sign: "We do not swim in your toilet, do not pee in our pool" and decides to allow some yellow water to mix with your perfectly chemically balanced swimming pool water, then they will be punished immediately by the pool sweep shark robot. These individuals will be publicly humiliated and therefore no longer pee in your pool. This is a great way to police unnecessary human waste water pollution in your neighborhood swimming pool.

The specially designed pool sweep robot will continually clean your pool like a normal pool sweep only with jaws. These jaws can also help save the life of a toddler who falls in the pool and cannot swim. Since toddlers are not afraid of sharks yet you will not scare the piss out of them or have to worry about pollution, while the Jaws Pool Sweep Vacuum prevents them from drowning. Saving lives and stopping water pollution is what the new Jaws Swimming Pool Vacuum Sweep Shark Simulation Robot is all about, think on this.

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