Pool Terminologies

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1. Beach Entry Swimming Pool

A swimming pool with a beach entry features a sloping transition, from the deck to the water. The slope is very reminiscent of a beach, thus featuring no steps. This is one popular option replacing in recent times, the depth to the beach is usually one foot.

Pool patrons around the world are increasingly subscribing to the beach entry swimming pool. For example, toddlers can have a blast splashing waters in this space, while parents keep a watchful eye. The slope can also make way to chairs, for you to have a cool evening breeze and slope.

It is also great for physically handicapped people, as the slope allows for him to slide or roll down, and in some cases walk in with an assistive stick.

2. Gunite pool

Selecting a swimming pool can come in various options to today's customers. One such choice would be a Gunite Pool. This pool is practically pretty durable and gunite can be used to create a swimming pool out of practically any shape. A rebar framework is sprayed over the sand and concrete mixture to utilize any gunite pool. The method is preferable over traditional poured concrete that uses a wooden framework holding the basin to shape.

The material is very durable letting it last longer. The material provides the consumers added benefits of putting the pool to almost any shape.

Gunite is basically a mixture of sand and cement sprayed onto contoured and supported surfaces to building in ground swimming pools and spas.

3. Pools are used in three basic ways in projects. The terminologies to these new pools have also changed:

- Waterline tile-Along the waterline, beneath the coping is where this strip of tiling is placed.

- Coping-overhanging the waterline tile, this overhangs on the edge of the deck of the pool.

- Bond beam raised-in case the pool shell or bond beam rises above the waterline, tiles can help it make more attractive and maintenance free.

- Water features-as discoloration is resisted by tiles adding to the beauty of the water, it is practically and aesthetically more attractive to make concrete walls around to which non-fading colors can be added.

- Glass Lined pool-Glass tiles are being used by the more sophisticated consumers, in lining the entire insides of the pools instead of the traditional plaster.

Well, these were a few interesting pool tiling terminologies, which might interest you as it did me.

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