Pool Thermometer - Ensuring That the Water Temperature is Just Right

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2010 in Articles

Having a swimming pool at home can be a very enjoyable experience for you and your family. In order to enjoy your pool with the family in most seasons of the year, keeping the right temperature of your pool water plays an important role. There are pool heaters available in the market to keep water warm in early spring and even into fall but how do we know we have the right pool water temperature? Nothing can spoil your swimming pool party than dipping in cold water but how warm should pool water be? Pool water that is too hot is not comfortable either.

Most pool owners want to know the temperature of their pool water and this is why they need a pool thermometer. Before I would dive in, I usually check myself if the temperature of my pool water is just right, depending on the season or temperature of the ambient air. I would want my pool water colder than usual during summer. Extending your pool usage between spring and fall is possible as long as water is warm enough for comfort.

There is a wide variety of pool thermometers in the market from novelty, cutting edge to the standard, no frills models. The two major types are analog and digital pool thermometers.

Analog thermometers can further be classified into two general categories. These are hanging and floating thermometers. Personally, I prefer hanging pool thermometers as it can provide more accurate temperature readings than a floating type. Readings are taken from inches or even feet below water surface since water surface temperature is warmer in general. Floating thermometers are preferred by kids though, as these come in various designs such as animals, toys or other things that can be attractive.

Digital pool thermometers can accurately measure your pool water temperature. These are made of robust materials that make them resistant to chemicals and sunlight. However, digital thermometers may not be as long-lasting as a traditional analog thermometer. Some digital models have added features such as clock and timer.

A variation of digital thermometers is the remote pool thermometer. It is a floating type of thermometer with an indoor sensor. Without having to go outside, you are able to check pool water temperature through a wireless indoor display. This is probably one of the more contemporary models. The indoor remote display shows more than just pool water temperature. It also shows time, humidity level, indoor temperature and comfort zone analysis. Typically a floating pool thermometer with remote digital display runs on batteries. The remote function has a range between 100 and 300 feet.

Pool thermometers help you make sure that the water temperature is just right for your own comfort. These are valuable accessories especially for pools with heaters. It keeps track of the heating system of your pool. With a wide array of available models, you will find a pool thermometer that suits your specific needs. The right pool accessories can make your swimming pool the best form of entertainment for the family.

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