Pool Tiling Tricks and Tips

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2014 in Articles

A pool would be nothing, if not for the tiles in it. The tiles make or break a pool. The tiles make up for the portion in which, adds up to the beauty factor of the pool. The pools are made awesome the way they are tiled. Here are a few tricks on how to make the most of your pool.

Pool tiles are limited to people's imagination, with just color, reflection and texture. Looked in minutely, a pool tile is so much more than that. Getting the ones tiles can also be very challenging, as well as, methodical. A stunning appearance featured with a welcoming aura, are necessary, but it is of further importance that the pool be safe for the kids around the place. This article is dedicated to getting you a step by step guidance on swimming pool factors:-

Get yourself a budget

Fix your budget first. Make a list of all steps involved in the way to get the budget done. Remember, the tiles are to be stacked in. They are just not to be stacked up.


Tiles, beside the pool will have needed to have non-slip tiles. The area is wet most of the time. One has to cater to the needs of all the evening strollers by the beach combined with all the dogs and children that will be playing around it. Slip resistant tiles are a must by the pool area.

Tiles with guarantee

Save your pockets of repair and de-colouring issues. There will always be damages to the pool. The damages are to be minimised or at least cost controlled by means of guaranteed tiles.

Choose the colors

Commonly tiles are white or blue in color, to reflect back the surface colour. But on the edges the color has to be different to mark the distinction in places. This is called color efficiency.

Tile maintenance

Tiles are meant to develop scum and other factors over the period of time. But if not taken care of n time they can lead to devastating results. So enquire about the maintenance of your tiles, just when you think, purchasing them is right.


Enquire to know if installation requires some special adhesive or grout. The basic dos and don'ts may vary from tile to tile.


If confusion persists, order in samples and find out, what they might actually look like in the pool.

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