Pool Vacuum Cleaners: The 3 Standard Sorts  

by Pool Builders on 11-24-2011 in Articles

There was a time not too many decades back, when it came time to clean a swimming pool all of the job was completed by hand. A hose was attached to a very long pole with plastic broom on the end, and the other end of the hose ran to the pump that sucked water and debris by means of and unfiltered it. Then sometime back during the mid 1960s the very primary automatic swimming pool cleaners had been developed and introduced.|It was actually not all that long ago, perhaps 4 ? to five decades back when all of the maintenance tasks, including cleaning the water in a pool was carried out manually. A long pole with a hose along with a plastic broom attached on one end was used to clean debris from the bottom when a skimmer was used to clean the waters surface. That all changed however, back during the mid-60s, when the initial prototype automatic pool cleaners were designed and made available.|In the grand scheme of factors it genuinely wasn't that very long ago when all pool cleaning and maintenance tasks were accomplished by rolling up one's sleeves and performing them manually by hand. This required a long aluminum pole that had a hose along with a broom attached towards the far end. A hose that ran from the broom to the pump to suck the water up, and run it via the filter. But then about five decades back the automatic pool filter appeared available.

That was 5 decades back though, and since that time, quite numerous improvements happen to be made on this popular labor saving device. So now you will find a lot more attributes and choices in these machines that do a substantially job of keeping the water in the pool sparkling clean. Also as a result of the decades extensive ongoing efforts to produce an even much better under-water vacuuming machine you also now have a total of 3 various overall sorts to pick from.

Now by far the simplest mechanically speaking, the least problematic, and least pricey kind of pool cleaner is what's known as the pressure side models. Pressure side automatic cleaners are powered by a hose that's connected to a nozzle that runs towards the pump. Now the cause they're referred to as pressure side is as a result of direction that the water flows by means of the hose. That is that the pump "pushes water" via the hose, out by way of the cleaner. Pressure side models also have the fewest moving parts.

Next up on the list of 3, could be the related functioning models referred to as "suction side" swimming pool vacuums. This class has some more moving parts, they'll cost a bit much more than similar size and capacity pressure side models, but they also do a much better job of cleaning. They are powered exactly the same way as above listed pressure sides, with one difference. That is that instead of becoming hooked up to the out port, the hose is hooked up to a water intake port to suck water by way of the machine to run it.

Then the third kind of automatic water vacuum machine that you have accessible to select from, is what is referred to as the mechanical pool cleaner. It is the very latest technological innovation, so as opposed to getting powered by the water as with suction and pressure side units, mechanical models run off of an electric motor. They contain a lot more moving parts, do the most effective job of cleaning, are mainly designed for inground cement pools and are also one of the most pricey.

What kind of pool that you simply have, and it is size will figure out the type and size of automatic swimming pool cleaner that you'll want. Affordable pressure side automatic pool cleaners for instance are primarily meant for smaller above-ground pools that do not have major debris rounds. A suction side model would be called for in a bigger above-ground pool or a smaller in-ground. Then for cleaning the cement walls of the classic built-in, a robotic model is advised.

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