Pool Winter Covers - How to Save Your Money

by Pool Builders on 12-15-2009 in Articles

The primary function of pool winter cover is to protect your swimming pool throughout the winter season. Yet, its usability does not end there. This cover prevents the entrance of debris, ensuring that your pool water is safe from dirt and other unwanted items. With that, it helps you to lessen the cleaning time.

The cover also prevents your water from evaporation. These covers are made from polyethylene material that is tightly woven and have durable scrims. The tightness of the cover surface helps to save water and money from refilling. In addition, it impedes the accumulation of substances that will make the water to discolor. You will not only be saved from buying costly cleaning materials, but also spending your money from filling water and chemicals. They are friendly to use and to your pocket.

Surprisingly, pool winter cover also protects the residents of your home from harm. It can help you prevent accidents like falling on the pool. However, these covers are not made to give superior safety. When looking for safety, use a safety pool cover. These covers are usually available for all types of pools, so you have no worries if your pool has a different shape. Each pool cover is made to accord with all of your household demands.

They come in two types: a mesh and solid winter cover. The price of a cover ranges from $20 - $500. Depending on the materials used and other functions, it will be more costly. In spite of that, having a pool winter cover is absolutely convenient especially when you have children at home. Pool winter covers are designed for the needs of every pool owners - whether residential or commercial.

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