Pool Winterizing: The Best Way to Keep Your Pool Protected this Off-Season  

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2010 in Articles

No one wants to swim in dirty and freezing pool unless you are ready to acquire colds, cough and skin infections. But of course it is not advisable to go swimming during the winter season. You just have to wait for the next season to enjoy splashing into your precious pool.

Before winter season comes, you have to prepare your pool for the pool hazards this season brings. It is necessary to do winterizing pool [http://www.overnightpools.com/Swimming_Pool_Winter.htm] to keep your pool protected and in good condition throughout the off-season. Winterizing your pool will prevent dirt, snow and other solid particles from getting into your pool thus keeping it clean and clear for the next season. Moreover, doing this will also prevent damages in your pool due to pool freeze. Here's are some guidelines to properly close your pool for the coming winter season.

  1. Clean your pool

Keeping your pool clean throughout the off-season is one of the reasons why you have to close it. Moreover, you can immediately enjoy swimming in the coming spring when your pool is kept clean and clear to use.

You have to remove any dirt and debris in the surface of the pool as well as in its bottom and walls. Vacuum the pool bottom and walls to eliminate stubborn dirt that ruins your pool. Also clean your pool equipment such as pool filter and skimmer basket. Scrub thoroughly the pool floor, walls and tiles to totally eliminate all the dirt and stain.

Uninstall, clean and store all the pool toys and accessories

Since you will not use your pool during the off-season you have to remove the pool toys and accessories installed in your pool. These things should be stored properly to prevent damages and to keep in good condition for the next use. Keep the pool toys and accessories in warm rooms to avoid from getting brittle due to the cold weather.

You have to detach the tubes and hoses from the pool and dry them up before storing. Also keep the pool drainage open to allow the escape of moisture that may stuck in the filter causing freeze and cracks on the base of the filter.

Add up essential pool chemicals

Pool chemicals most especially the pool anti-freeze is necessary to protect the pool from pool freeze. Pool freeze can cause damages in pool plumbing and filtering system that can weaken the performance of your pool. On the other hand, adding up superchlorinator and algaecide in the water prevents the growth of algae in the water. You don't have to worry about your pool from getting green with the use of this pool chemical.

Cover up your pool

And the last but not the least cover your pool with pool winter cover. All the winterizing process you have done earlier wouldn't work well when you keep your pool area open. Covering up your pool will prevent dirt and debris from penetrating your pool thus keeping the water clean clear. Aside from that, it also avoids snow from getting into the pool. Your pool is clean enough to be used in the next season.

All these things are necessary to maintain the good condition of your pool as well as to keep it protected all throughout the winter season. Not winterizing your pool will cause damages to your pool not just during the winter but also on the coming years.

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