Pool safety for the entire family and pooch too   

by Pool Builders on 08-07-2011 in Articles

Having a swimming pool at home is a privilege as it can provide hours of fun and entertainment to the entire family. Children even claim that they can stay in the pool until their fingers start to look like prunes. However, like anything else, a recreational area, can be very dangerous if it is not equipped with proper safety devices or in that case, pool safety fencing. A pool fence to surround the pool is very important to keep children and pets from falling in and drowning.

Drowning among children ages 1 to 14 years old is the second foremost cause of death that is why building a fence around the swimming pool is required by law in most areas to prevent accidents that involves children, pets and unwanted falls. Still if it is not mandatory in your city, it is still imperative that you install a pool fence for safety's sake and besides, you can also challenge yourself and begin a Do It Yourself Home Improvement that you can show off to your neighbors aside from the pool itself since glass pool fencing adds ambiance and does not block the view of your garden.

A fence around the pool is essential not only to prevent children from gaining access to the pool, but for pets as well. Your pets may know how to swim but they might not be capable to let themselves out of the water once they are in the pool. Also, who would want a pet to jump right into the pool after playing all day in the muddy back yard? A fence will also keep your pool clean and for human use only.

Make your swimming pool a place of fun, excitement and safety- not a water hole of disaster. Ensure that the proper height of your pool fence is around 4 feet so that small children and pets cannot jump or trample it. Do not take the risk of hearing someone shout because someone fell into the water. Protect your swimming pool and your entire family's safety.

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