Pools: A Backyard Transformation  

by Pool Builders on 04-11-2012 in Articles

A pool in essence, is the start to creating an entirely new outdoor living space to your home. Poolside additions are a vital factor to consider in planning your backyard.

The addition of patios, outdoor fire pits, barbeques, bars, kitchens, and televisions, is a popular New Jersey trend that is spreading quickly. All these outdoors additions transform your pool to become more than something for swimming, but rather an entire new outdoor room for your family and friends to utilize and enjoy.

Spas are another popular trend, and they can be enjoyed all year round. They offer many health and relaxation benefits. Benches can be built into the inner walls, for places to sit in the water. And the addition of a waterfall from the spa into the pool adds a nice relaxing, luxury feel to it as well.

Aside from the pool itself, the area that surrounds your new pool addition is another important factor. Your pool and your backyard need to be tied together with a patio, and the appropriate surrounding landscaping. A patio provides a way to blend the outside of your home to the pool, avoiding any damage to your grass. It provides an outdoor area to allow seating, lounging and entertaining.

Bars and outdoor kitchens are common when looking to convert your backyard to a new pool area with an entire outdoor living space. Being able to cook dinner outside and enjoy a nighttime swim are wonderful family perks to enjoy in the summertime.

In addition to all the technology advances, and outdoor living trends in the pool industry, many companies are opting to work with more green friendly materials and products. Most companies have created more energy efficient equipment, such as multispeed pumps and motors. The use of LED lighting in pools and using natural stones is a much greener now available approach for homeowners to use. Even just having the ability to turn on and off pool features from a remote location provides a greener ability to conserve electricity.

Tranquility Pools in northern New Jersey is a company that is well versed in all these advances and trends. Their clients tend to be inspired by high end luxury pools, with intricate designs that are custom made to seamlessly blend into their yard. Pergolas built over the pool for rainfall, water fountains built out of wine bottles, and Palm Trees surrounding a free form pool are all unique requests, but very feasible options.

Mitch Knapp, owner of Tranquility Pools explains, €When it comes to the design and functionality of your pool, it is limitless. You dream it, and we can create it. Every home and each family has different needs and ideas as to what would work best for their lifestyle. Be sure to communicate your own visions and become involved. The process can be enjoyable and entirely tailored to your requests.€

Each client is going to be unique and will have different ideas and desires depending on their own taste, nature of the backyard, and what works best in their lifestyle. The important thing to remember is you have the ability to be creative. Standards in pool designs and functionality has greatly expanded over the past couple years.

From being able to control your own backyard right from your smart phone, to creating a pool that is more energy efficient, to being able to have an entire outdoor living space and oasis steps outside of your home, these are all beneficial advances and trends to get on board with this season.

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