Pools Add Relaxation and Value to Your Home

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2007 in Articles

First, the dash knobs fell off. Then the left rear window motor went out. It was time for a new car, but despite these minor inconveniences, it ran like a champ. We could squeeze another year out of the old gray mare...maybe two. What we really wanted to buy was a pool. So we signed the papers to begin construction. Besides a hotel bed, there's not much else that can make grown people want to run and flop like a swimming pool does. It brings out the eight-year-old in everyone. Pools have a bad reputation, though. Most are thought to be time consuming, money drains. While it's true that pools do require care, pools today don't require nearly the work they once did.

Easier than ever

Today, features like improved filters, efficient pumps, and automatic pool cleaners make quick work of maintenance. Our pool salesman promised our pool wouldn't take more than fifteen minutes of maintenance each week. Well, he was wrong. It takes a whole five minutes. A simple test of the chemicals every week is about all it needs. Occasionally, we empty out the pool sweeper and filter baskets. Twice a year we spray off our filters. Our pool also has high filtration that doesn't waste water like older sand filters. A recent tour of some California homes showed that water-conscious Californians favor these filters which only need cleaning every six months and replaced about every three years. And maintenance chemical costs? The cost of chemicals are less than if we tried to take our family to the movies a few times during the summer to keep cool - and the pool's much more fun.

A great addition

Yes, our whole family has derived a level of enjoyment with our pool that no car could ever give us. Like those frosty nights dashing through the cold to sit in the hot tub, the stars twinkling through the steam. Or, the fun of seeing a gaggle of kids jumping and playing in the water. What car could ever give that kind of unbridled enjoyment or sheer relief of the summer heat? Yes, living in a hot climate makes a pool a necessity. Having a pool also helps combine outdoor and indoor living, making the house more unified -- and valuable. According to Move.com (tinyurl.com/2dtkyn), inground pools in hot areas like the Southwest can increase a house value by about 11 percent.

Pool thoughts

Deciding to put in a pool is a big decision. With thorough planning and careful selection of your contractor, you'll get the most enjoyment out of your pool. Some other factors to consider are add-ons like fountains or spas. A spa that overflows into the pool won't be as expensive as a separate spa and fountain or water feature. Also, allow for items such as tanning shelves, seats that allow bathers a place to sit in the pool. One must-have add-on is a smooth finish. Most pools have a rough texture on the bottom that can quickly cause sores on swimmers' feet after being in the pool only a couple of hours. Our smooth bottom added a little over $1,000 to the price but was so worth it for the enjoyment and for the life it adds to the pool finish. If you're on the fence, get in the pool. Pools are wonderful additions and more people want them than ever because more people want to be entertained and relax at home. A pool can provide all that - making your house more valuable, more fun, and your family more relaxed. That's a good deal to me.

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