Pools Are Worth the Investment!  

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2014 in Articles

Added home value

Though there is some deliberation as to whether or not these outdoor spaces actually add value to a property, it seems that they do recoup some of their acquisition costs in resale values. The local real estate market trends will shape their value. Finding out what these trends are is the best thing a homeowner can do while they are still considering. Statistics collected by the National Association of Realtors say that in-ground pools can add nearly eight percent to the average property value. Generally speaking, an attractive, move-in ready home with a swim-ready outdoor space can be a huge sell to the right buyer. Also, homes with pools have higher resale values in subdivisions that have a large number of existing natatoriums.

Physical fitness

Your backyard can also be your personal gym if you're into swimming for fitness! But it won't feel like working out since it's so much fun to do. Swimming is great exercise for people of all ages. Because of its low impact, it can be done well into old age to maintain fitness, and is also ideal for rehabilitation and safe for pregnant women.

Fun for kids

It's obvious that pools can provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages. Many of us can remember the enjoyable summer vacation days we spent at a friend or neighbor's backyard pool, or even planned field trips to a public swimming facility, during our younger years. You can recreate that level of fun and bring the laughter straight to your backyard by adding a natatorium to your property.

A vacation at home

We all need to get away from the stressors in our lives sometimes. In today's economy, more and more families have opted to take their vacation at home instead of gallivanting off to unfamiliar cities with expensive hotels. Becoming part of this trend can spare you additional stress as well as save you money. Your pool can help create that fantasy mini vacation you've been wanting. Water jets, temperature regulation, landscaping, and waterfalls can add to your vision, making your "trip" just as relaxing as a traditional vacation.

Family togetherness and community events

Kids don't have to be the only ones reaping the benefits of your natatorium. Sharing your outdoor space with extended family during barbeques, group swims, birthday parties, reunions, and sunbathing can create memories and promote bonding. You can grow closer as a family unit using your natatorium as a recreation hub.

Hosting community events such as youth groups or church activities in your outdoor space can also be beneficial for forging valuable connections with neighbors that may not have happened otherwise.

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