Pools: From Yard to Paradise  

by Pool Builders on 11-10-2014 in Articles

Outdoor living areas are amazing luxuries, and a pool makes for an incredible center piece. While above ground pools are always an option, nothing beats the beauty of a custom-designed, well-built inground pool. For those who have never dreamed of what their back yard could become, take some time to talk to pool companies in Fort Worth; the experience will be well worth the time.
Decide the Purpose
The first step in deciding what kind of pool to get is deciding what its main function will be. Is the pool going to be used mainly for exercise? If the answer is "yes," it is probably best to get a long, rectangular pool that is good for lap swimming. If, however, the pool will primarily be used for lounging and entertaining, there are no hard and fast rules. Pools now come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs that anything is possible.
Expand the Horizon
The second step in getting the backyard dreams are made of is looking online. This is key because, unless someone is in to pools, it really is impossible to dream up some of the stuff that is out there. By looking online, it becomes easier to decide what amazing features would make having a pool remarkably fun. Some of the things to consider are water features, spas, lighting, and fire features.
Jazzing It Up
Water features include things like waterfalls and fountains. These features can fall from edges, from surrounding walls, from immaculate landscaping, or can come up from the pool itself. They definitely add pizzazz to any pool or spa and are especially beautiful with the right lighting.
Heating It Up
What outdoor lounge would be complete without a spa? Just like pools, spas come in any shape or size imaginable. Lately, the trend has been to have a pool with a matching spa. Besides offering family and guests a wonderful way to relax and enjoy their evening, attached spas are a great way to heat a pool, thereby extending the swimming season by months. In the case of a heated pool, water from the spa is somehow exchanged with the colder water in the pool itself. One of the most graceful and eye-catching ways to exchange the water is through a waterfall. By having a spa elevated slightly above the pool, the switch of a button can send hot water cascading into the pool beneath. The result is stunningly beautiful and very effective.
While having a well-built pool and spa is certainly enough to keep the neighbors knocking, it can get even better with the addition of special lighting and fire features. Imagine the marvelous contrast of bright orange flames coming from well-placed fire bowls against the ethereal blue lights of the pool and spa. For more ideas on how to transform a yard into a paradise, contact pool companies in Fort Worth.

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