Pools Melbourne: The Different Types of Pools and Their Features  

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools in Melbourne are well-designed and equipped with the latest pool enhancement features to make it a lot more stunning, inviting and functional whether for public or private use.

You can find a lot of pools in Melbourne that are created for relaxation and wellness purposes. These pools are equipped with hydro massage and jet steam features which are mostly used in spas and themed water parks even in some residential family swimming pools.

Here's a list of several styles and designs that you can find in different areas in Melbourne, be it for commercial or residential use.

  • Lap Pools. They are mostly built in private homes for fitness and health reasons. The lap pool is usually 50 feet long, narrow and very simple in design.
  • Diving Pools. They are deep and built in accordance to safety regulations as they are primarily used for diving. It is equipped with a platform or a diving board and are usually 6-8 feet deep.
  • Play Pool. It is built and designed for kids and they are shallow, usually 3-4 feet deep. They are designed for water sports and are equipped with playground structures and equipment, fiberglass attractions of different shapes and sizes, water jets and cannons to add more fun and enhance the kid's as well as adults' swimming experience.
  • Freeform Pool. It looks like a lagoon complete with waterfalls and rocks to achieve the look and feel of a natural lagoon with its curvilinear walls. It often has uneven and sloped flooring and varied depths plus other features like isles in different sizes. This swimming pool design is multifunctional and is created to fit the young and old alike.
  • Geometric Pool. A geometric pool is considered the traditional type and design of swimming pool and is rectangular in shape with has uniform lines and features.
  • The Infinity Pool. Infinity swimming pools look as if the it has no edge and extends out into space hence the name infinity pool. It is one of the most popular and sought after design by both commercial and residential owners of swimming pools in Melbourne.
  • Spool. Spool means spa and pool. It is commonly small in dimension usually 12-14 feet and is built primarily for therapeutic treatments and relaxation.
  • Perimeter Overflow Pool. The water level in this type of pool is at the same level as the surrounding of the swimming pool. Here you will see the water of the pool flows into the uneven perimeter around the pool creating a stylish and fantastic appeal.

Pools Melbourne today are no longer confined to the usual up-market style and design. With the many high technology equipment and enhancements coming out in the market that are created to add grace and fresh new style to modern swimming pools, contractors and designers of swimming pools have come up with new designs that are sure to capture the attention of those who are looking to build a pool for their family or business.

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