Pools in Torremolinos a Claim for Foreign Athletes  

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Up to a total of 700,000 euros has been generated using pools in the resort of Torremolinos on the part of foreigners. The municipal swimming Torremolinos have penetrated deep among foreign tourists and has become its own in an interesting claim which stop in large part by the great quality of these water tracks.

Great destination for foreign athletes

It has also shown great interest not only individual tourists but also foreign teams decide to take Torremolinos as their place of training, just in the month of April will host 400 athletes in swimming pools in the town of more than 30 countries including: Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England, France, etc... Some of the athletes who come to these pools for training they do in preparation for the London Olympics will begin very soon. Not surprisingly we learned that the country of Canadian with their swim team expected to use the tracks during the last week.

Info about these swimmers

Other information provided about the matter dealing with the variable duration of these workouts are usually groups of people between 16 and 22 which extend their stay from 1 to 2 weeks but in some exceptional cases remain in Torremolinos and Malaga prefer even a full month hotels of three and four stars.

How many pools is there in torremolinos?

Torremolinos has two municipal swimming pool called Virgen del Carmen I, is with 50 meters in length, and Virgen del Carmen II, 25 meters long, both have a high level facilities and indoor swimming pools are working every day of the year. Addition of a new swimming denominas Virgen del Carmen III, in this case are exposed and have a ready to jump. All these facilities are located in the sports area of €‹€‹Torremolinos.

How can you reach the facilities?

It is certainly a very positive development for the municipio of Torremolinos, both for the economy directly to the future of tourism in the city as word of mouth spreads the charms deprotivas facilities of the town and attract more people. Otherwise also discuss the place of easy access and always except on Sunday morning that the trail can easily alter the park enjoying the rest of the week and Sunday. Thus, if you need to stay and move into the pools coming from outside you recommend Malaga car hire Malaga to Malaga Car rental company, operating in the airport in the province.

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