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by Pool Builders on 10-18-2010 in Articles

Having accomplished a strong presence in pool construction domain, Pools r us is driven by an impassioned group of pool builders, who continuously strive for excellence. Based in Dubai, Pools r us offers a host of customized services for pool construction and pool maintenance. Pools are indeed a great part of your entertainment and they offer a cool ambience wherein you can rejuvenate and get rid of irksomeness. In addition, pool construction is a life-long investment made for the enhancement of your home-setting. Therefore, we value your concern and endeavor to combine our techniques with latest products and services to serve you better. Once a swimming pool is constructed, constant care is needed to maintain its cleanliness as well as sparkling appearance. But you need not to worry because that is where our role starts. We encompass a well trained team of technicians, trouble-shooters, chemists, and support staff, who will ensure your pool maintenance.

At Pools r us, we offer matchless pool maintenance [http://www.poolsrusdubai.com/maintenance.php] services on a contract basis. The process begins when we send our pool technician to your residence or building twice a week. Assigned to handle the cleaning work, he vacuums the pool interior, tests and applies the chemical properties in the pool. Thereafter, he removes the debris from the pump and skimmer baskets. Finally, the filter pressure is maintained according to the type of your filter. On the other hand, we vouch for our commendable services by paying a special attention to your pool in case of a sandstorm. Not only this, even if you wish to organise a pool side party, you can call our technicians to restore the pool in its previous condition. That is how we proceed with our pool maintenance services.

If you want extra services for pool maintenance, our experts will deal with all your related requirements. We offer an exclusive Green 2 Clean Service, wherein our experts check your pool if it has turned dark-green due to algae-infestation. You can right away contact Pools r us for cleaning of pool water so that it can become safe for your swimming purpose. In our Green 2 Clean service, a major professional attention is given to your swimming pool along with the use of important chemicals. And this process is completed within 2-4 days.

Our pool maintenance services also include checking leakages, which may take place due to ground movement and settling, aging, or carelessness. An untreated hole can lead to the wastage of water every day. Such leakages not only demand the replacement of the water but also necessitate the increased use of chemicals. Furthermore, you may have to face structural and mechanical problems. But when you are the client of Pools r us, we would not disappoint you in any way as we bring to you a unique leak detection service. Therefore, contact Pools r us, the one stop shop for all your pool construction and pool maintenance needs.

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