Popular Design Build Home Remodeling Projects In Austin  

by Pool Builders on 10-15-2012 in Articles

The emergence of design build firms has helped to change the way that homeowners think of remodeling. These companies are able to bring together a collection of talented professionals who perform every step of the remodeling process from the initial concept and design through construction. The homes that are in Austin benefit from this new business model because of lower costs and better quality workmanship than what results from using disparate companies for each stage of remodeling. As a result, several Austin home remodeling projects have become popular in recent years.

Additional Rooms

Adding a new room to a home is a practical option for an Austin home remodeling project. A new room adds more space to the house and increases the property value. It is also a way to expand older houses that were originally designed to fit on narrow plots of land. Design build firms are especially skilled at this type of work. Modern additions come in a variety of styles. Basic additions add a new living area or bedroom. There are also specialty additions that have a particular type of functionality built into the structure. This could mean an Internet-ready home office or a home theater with integrated speakers and electronics.

Garage Conversion

Homeowners who want additional rooms but do not have space for new construction are now choosing garage conversions. This is an Austin home remodeling project that involves converting a garage from a utilitarian space for cars into a fully insulated living area. Garage conversions are popular because a large portion of the structure is already in place. The finished room could also be outfitted as a rental unit. It could also be used as a den or game room for the family. Design build firms have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to create a new space that conforms to the building codes and regulations in Austin.

Pool House

A trend that is increasing in popularity is the construction of a pool house on properties that include a swimming pool or a pool addition. Normally this freestanding structure is located near the water so that guests are able to go indoors to change, relax or get something to eat without having to enter the main home. Pool houses often include open architecture with one wall that consists entirely of windows or light screens for a scenic view. This structure makes entertaining and using the pool more convenient while also keeping the main home much cleaner. Pool houses add extra storage space so that items related to the pool, barbecuing or outdoor entertaining can be stored in a single protected location.

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