Portable Hot Tubs As Swim Spa

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2010 in Articles

A hot tub is just one type of swim spa available in markets nowadays and you can even have a large home-made one. It is a pool filled with heated water used for soaking, massage, hydrotherapy or relaxation. Hot tubs usually are located outdoors and are sheltered for privacy as well as for protection. There are two different designs of hot bathtub which are simple wooden-staved soaking tubs and one piece plastic tubs.

Having a portable and inflatable hot bathtub is a luxury as well as the least expensive kind of spa that anyone can have. Although they are considered as portable, they are also shown to be less durable than standard above-ground spas. This makes them a not suitable to belong to one of your long-term investments.

Portable hot bathtub are produced from a variety of material combination's such as nylon, plastic and vinyl. These cheap spas allow you to set it up anywhere as well as packed away when it is not in use. Almost all models use a blower system to allow the circulation of air in the water while few models use traditional jets. They are also easy to put up and have less costly plumbing and wiring.

Sanitization of hot tub's water is also very important since many organisms flourish in warm yet wet environment. Poor sanitation can cause disease transmission as well as litigation. Maintaining water chemistry is also essential for keeping its total alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness.

The first type of portable hot bathtub is inflatable hot tub in which it is blown up by a pump, plug it in and fill it with water. The second type is the hard side hot tub in which it comes either in pieces where you are to put it together or it is with a solid shell. Some of the manufactured hard side tub comes with an additional feature where it contains controls and heating elements. The third type is called a fiber glass hot tub which is near to those permanent models. They are usually slightly larger than regular bath tubs and easily fit to doorways. Normally, they can be installed on floors with great support.

However, the major drawback of these cheap spas is that, they are usually blowing air to produce bubbles instead of hot water, these results for the water temperature to drop dramatically. This in turn makes hot tubs good for short soaking for just 15 to 30 minutes.

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