Portable Pool Vacuums and Important Maintenance Jobs

by Pool Builders on 03-15-2009 in Articles

A portable pool vacuum is probably one of the most valuable pieces of swimming pool equipment when it comes to keeping a pool in tiptop shape. For this reason, you should go down the quality route to ensure your pool water quality, and select a good quality model which is well rated in the reviews. These are definitely not commodity items that can be assumed to be of largely equal quality of construction and efficiency in use. A high level of skill is needed in the design and development of these devices, and you will only get that from the top of the range manufacturers who have been in the business long enough to produce the very best products.

A portable pool vacuum system consists of a number of parts that fit together to make the system fully functional. The vacuum head is that part of the portable pool vacuum system that is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Some pool packages come with a maintenance kit that includes a portable pool vacuum, and if so do your homework to make sure that the model is a good one, or maybe negotiate a price reduction and by a better model yourself.

Static system filters are not well suited for the removal from water of larger things such as leaves, flower petals, pine needles and the like. Therefore, it is now common to equip swimming pools with skimmers for the removal from water entering the return flow duct to the pump of leaves and the like, which things often float on the surface of the pool. Systems that are highly automated are available and these will suit those who have the least time to do pool maintenance for their bathers.

Make sure that you clean out the skimmer basket, the hair and lint basket in the pump, and backwash or regenerate the filter if necessary on a regular basis - that is rarely automated!.

A lot of people forget this one. Always store your pool maintenance equipment, especially the vacuum hose, out of the sun. Clean the filter, as needed. A leak in the suction line(s) can cause foaming, so watch out for that.

Filters need changing at their due time. They usually have a pressure gauge to tell you when they've absorbed too much particulate. For instance, on the Hayward 4800 DE filter, when the pressure rises to 10 PSI more than the pressure when the filter powder was changed, water flow is being unduly restricted and it's time to change your powder again. Filter and pump cleaning is also important since much of the debris that enters a pool gets collects in these areas.

Tile cleaning is often neglected as well. Don't forget that this may be needed to maintain the appearance of the pool.

Vacuum hoses should be inspected regularly and replaced when worn. Most are flexible hoses that are utilized in a variety of devices that are designed to remove dirt and debris from a given area.

While the vacuum cleaners used in many homes and offices are considered the most common appliances to use a vacuum hose, the accessory is also an integral part of equipment used to clean pools, upholstery and manufacturing floors.

So, to round off this article let us say that vacuuming, brushing, and checking the pool's strainer baskets are all tasks that should be completed every week, but don't forget the other tasks mentioned here. They may need doing less often than weekly, but are easily forgotten and no less important.

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