Positives and Negatives of a Solar Pool Cover

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2014 in Articles

A solar pool cover (also called solar blanket) is perfect for both the above ground and in-ground swimming pools. It is designed to trap the warmth generated by the sun and hold it inside the pool. A solar cover is able to increase the water temperature by about 12 to 15°. This is often enough to extend the swimming season by one of two months. Prior to investing in the solar covers, it helps to consider the many positives and negatives related to using this style of cover:


Lightweight - The solar pool covers are lightweight, easy to handle and not bulky. But they may be difficult to open and close using a manual system on the larger-sized pools. They are much lighter than the full winter covers which come in a more heavy and resilient material.

Limits dirt and debris - Even though this isn't the main design of the solar covers, they are still quite effective at reducing the amount of leaves and debris that is able to enter the pool water. Each morning the fallen debris is easily removed from the cover. This is a much quicker job compared to having to skim the water with a hand-held tool to collect the light debris.

Save money on chemicals - A further positive of having a regular cover in place is the ability to cut water evaporation. This also helps to reduce the loss of pool chemicals like chlorine. Over time this helps save a significant amount of money on buying the expensive chemicals. Also, since the solar cover is helping to maintain the pool temperature, it is not necessary to have the pool heater in operation as often.


Reel system - A solar pool cover is best used when combined with the addition of a reel system. By making the cover semi-automatic, it is possible to make the process of opening and closing much easier. Even though these covers aren't heavy, they can still be quite difficult to handle on a daily basis.

Non-Safety cover - A solar pool cover shouldn't be looked on as complete safety measure by itself. They aren't designed to accept the weight of a small child or pet. A solar cover should be used in conjunction with other safety measures like the winter covers, alarm systems, fences and gates.

All in all, by looking at the many qualities of the solar pool cover, it is possible to decide if it is the right type of protection for the pool to maintain water temperature and capture light debris like leaves.

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