Practical Tips on a Swimming Pool Landscaping Design

by Pool Builders on 02-21-2010 in Articles

Your very own swimming pool landscaping design might be the heart of your home. Nevertheless, it should add more values and creates a better view or even as a recreational spot. You need to laid out the preferred design on paper that best suited your family need. Consider these as your main options: privacy, safety, beauty, and maintenance.

Safety and Privacy

As a priority in your investment, privacy fences that completely surround your pool is a must and does not need to be fancy. Fencing for your swimming pool landscaping will be keep your family safe and secure. As a matter of fact, it is mandatory for many cities to do this for them to get a valid pool permit.

The fun part on landscaping your swimming pool is that you may consider starting landscape gardening in the other area of your house. A nice brick paths around your pool are smart addition if you had a large garden to begin with. Most of the landscaping design used plants as a major parts. It will create that green screen around the area as well as creating shades. But remember not to plant evergreen trees such as oaks and pines.


There are always going to be maintenance involved as part of the swimming pool landscaping design project. It is including common property maintenance, snow removal for some areas, heat, water, sewer, and gas. That is why proper planning and good execution are important as it will save you a lot of your money.

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