Prefabricated Outdoor Fireplace Kits Are Great For Patios and Pool Side

by Pool Builders on 06-16-2009 in Articles

Fireplaces generally come with the house. But if someone wants to have an outdoor fireplace, he has to do it himself or get it done by himself. There are many fireplace making kits, but it is much easier to have a prefabricated fireplace.

These outdoor prefabricated fireplaces are stylish, neat and very efficient. They are available in many designs and versions. You can have single faced or multi-faced. You can also have outdoor prefab fireplaces which are see-through. There are many designs for these. You can have traditional ones or contemporary ones, you can have them in different kinds of metals or stones or bricks. Also you can have them fueled by wood, electricity or gas. The firebox can be made of cast iron or sleek polished brass or even pewter or nickel. You have a large variety to select from.

You can install these prefab fireplaces anywhere, in your garden, by the swimming pool or on your patio. Many have glass doors for viewing and also for heat efficiency. Gas ones may have a fixed glass front rather than a door that opens. Some with wood burning facility give you the feel of a real wood fire. Plus they are more efficient than the real ones. The steel firebox is insulated and it has a metal chimney. Sometimes a prefab is so realistic that you cannot differentiate it from a real one. Though prefab fireplaces using gas are available, there are many states which do not allow its use.

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