Preference With Bromine Tablets As Cleaning Agent  

by Pool Builders on 04-25-2013 in Articles

One of the main uses of Bromine tablets is to sanitize the swimming pool or spa where a huge volume of water is stored. This is to ensure that the water is kept clean from bacteria for a safe utilization.

There are many types of Bromine tablets which can be used to clean out the bacteria and other contaminants found in the pool or spa. The Bromo, Chloro-5.5-Dimethylhydantoin is one form of Bromine tablets that are usually placed in the skimmer basket for a slow dispensation into the pool or spa waters.


Bromine tablets such as the BCDMH are designed as an alternative sanitizer to chlorine in cleaning the pool or spa. The dosage of Bromine tablets is usually between 2 and 6 parts per million depending on the size of the pool. It may take the Bromine tablets 10-14 days to dissolve to clean the pool effectively.

A direct application to the pool water is not recommended as it may create a strong dose and cause undesirable effects on the body; especially those with sensitive skin. Bromine tablet users should be well aware of the health and safety features of this product before engaging in its usage freely. Proper consultation should be made from relevant experts to avoid risks and danger to the pool or spa users.


Chlorine is another popular pool cleaning agent although bromine is preferred in the form of tablets. Bromine tablets are a convenient form of pool sanitizer which is effective and efficient in its function. Bromine is less odorous than chlorine. There is no strong smell exuding from a bromine cleansing agent as with chlorine to offer a more pleasant and enjoyable water experience.

Bromine is available at a broader pH range unlike chlorine cleansing agents which are limited to a pH range of 7.2 - 7.6. The effectiveness of chlorine decreases with higher pH levels as a sanitizer while Bromine maintains its sanitizing effects even at a pH level of 8.2. Hence, there is a greater flexibility in controlling the type of water supply with higher pH levels such as hard water with a higher alkalinity level.

Bromine allows a slower dissolve into the pool water through a floating dispenser which is better as this offers the pool users or maintenance experts a more effective control over the sanitization level of the pool. The huge volume of water to be kept under controlled environment can prove to be challenging if the sanitizers dissolve too quickly into the water.

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