Preparation Guideline for Swimming Sports  

by Pool Builders on 12-04-2013 in Articles

I was about to share some of the common question that generally will ask on what needs to prepare before going for swimming lesson or activities. No matter you are experience swimmer or beginner which is preparing for swimming lesson, the following hints is useful for everyone.

Hint #1: Equip with proper attire/swimwear

Wearing proper attire for swimming is necessary for every swimmer. A comfortable and suitable swimwear is important especially for those wishing to able to cope up with swimming skill in a fast pace. If you planning to buy a new swimwear, you may think of which swimwear is suitable for yourself and fit to your body size. Comfortable is the key element to choose a swimwear. Do not choose the swimwear which is too tight or too loose. The swimwear is highly recommended to fit nicely and comfortably. If you are trying to wear shirts and pant to go swimming pool for swimming, most of the swimming pool such as public area or close area are not allow.

Hint #2: Wear comfortable Swimming Goggles

Wearing goggles for swimming is also another important consideration especially for beginner or about to learn swimming. Only few swimmer are able to go underwater if did not wear goggles. However, it is important hint because in general, swimmer needs to wear goggles to comfortably going under the water. Many swimmers are not able to get use to the water condition because the water can irritate and hurts the eyes due to the chlorine.
When purchase goggles last but not least, need to make sure the goggles able to fit nicely. Make sure test the goggles to make sure it is not too tight and too loose to your head and not irritate your eyes and nose. Choosing goggles can consider the feature such as anti-fog, UV protection lens, hard coated lens. For those wearing spectacles, they might need to consider the prescription swimming goggles.

Hints #3: Bring along the bags with others misc. such as extra shirts, pants and slipper, sun block and towel

Besides swimwear and also goggles, don't miss out to bring other equipment which is out of the water such as bags, additional shirts, pants, slippers, towel and finally sun block.
Bring along bag is the most convenience way for you to carry all the stuff and going to swimming activities. For certain circumstances are not requiring bringing along bag such as heading to private swimming pool in front of your house. Besides that, there is no reason to not bring along the bag for swimming activities.
Some of the swimming pool facilities do offer towel facilities. However, you might need to consider bring along your personal towel. You might not know when the towel will be out of stock or the towel facility has been stop for no reason. If you are opt for the more advanced towel for hygiene and convenience purpose, disposable swimming towel could also be another better option.
You may also consider wearing beach wear to heading to swimming activities. However, bring along extra shirts, pants and slippers are for your general insurance for when you might need it. For hassle free enjoyment swimming, apply sunblock is a great way to protect your skin from sun burn that could damage your skin. The skin could be affected if your skin expose to the sun too much due to the UV radiation. Any sunblock with normal SPF 30 will do the tricks. Apply sunblock to protect your skin is better than no protection.

Hints #4: No empty stomach for swimming

It is not recommended that swimming with empty stomach. Take some energy food such as snacks; energy bar or fruits such as banana can gain enough energy for swimming. Please also aware that eating heavy meal before swimming is not advisable. Eat heavy meal could cause too tired and even dangerous during swimming. Therefore, it is strongly recommended consume enough energy and not too heavy meal before swimming.

The above hints which are useful for everyone which would like to learn swimming, or even for those regular and also for serious swimmer as well.

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