Preparations For Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-02-2010 in Articles

After your swimming pool has been left unused and sitting for some time throughout the season, these are the steps needed in order to prepare for your pool in order to make it safe for use. If the swimming pool has a cover installed, the first step would be to clean the surroundings and on top of the pool cover in order to avoid the dirt that has accumulated on top contaminating your pool water. The next step would be to clean the swimming pool filters and pumps in order to remove the accumulated dirt when it was not in use. The normal procedure is to flush and backwash the filters to remove the accumulated dirt.

The next step in cleaning your swimming pool would be the sanitation of the pool water, since it has been unused for some time. This is done by adding chlorine to the water in order to kill the bacteria and algae in the water. Any bacteria or algae in the water can cause disease and illness to swimmers, thus chlorine plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the pool users. Once the pool water has been sanitized and the required level of chlorine is attained, the safe level of chlorine should be maintained during its use. Chlorine comes in different forms, either in sticks, tablets or in granular form.

There are different methods and equipments used to introduce chlorine in the swimming pools water. These can be done either by direct application or by using a chlorinator which introduces the chlorine in controlled amounts and intervals. There is a more effective and economical way of applying chlorine to the swimming pool, this is by installing a pool chlorine generator.

A pool chlorine generator does not require the purchase and use of chlorine in tablet, granular or stick. Rather than using chemicals, it only requires the application of sodium chloride or what we call salt. The equipment converts sodium chloride into free chlorine which is the same chlorine that can be bought in tablet form. After the chlorine kills the bacteria and algae, it reverts back into sodium chloride, and the procedure is repeated again. With this kind of system, you only need to add salt to the water. The salt used in the system is the ordinary food grade salt, which can be bought commercially. The required amount of salt added to the swimming pool water will not even affect the taste of the water since it is very minimal.

The use of chlorine to sanitize the swimming pool water is essential to keep the water safe and hygienic for swimmers. For more information on pool chlorine generators, you can visit Pool Chlorine Generator Review.

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