Prepare Your Kids With the Best Swim Apparel Under the Sun

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2012 in Articles

Outfitting the kids with great swim apparel is a great way to get ready for the summer months. Not only will the kids be happier, cuter, and more comfortable in stylish kids swimwear, they'll be a lot safer from ridicule and embarrassment that can come from wearing out-of-date kids swimsuits that don't fit.

The last thing any big kid wants is to have the other kids think he's wearing baby swimwear. Girls grow up quick and want to wear trendy fashions to keep them in latest styles that their friends are talking about. To give the kids the best advantage for enjoying a vacation, new beach or swimming pool, dress them in fun, colorful kids swimwear that's right in style.

Baby Swimsuits

Babies may not worry about how they look -- they look pretty cute in anything -- but they outgrow baby swimsuits fast. Last season's baby swimwear just isn't going to fit that growing bundle of squirming joy. Picking colorful and easy to care for baby swim apparel will make the little one stand out in family pictures, and no one's going to mind if the baby swimsuits match the water wings and the rubber ducky.

Add a hat for sun protection to protect baby's sensitive skin, a colorful tote to carry the baby supplies, and the family's set to look adorable, baby and all.

Styles include tiny swim trunks for him, one piece or two piece baby swimsuits for her. Check the baby swimwear to fit at the waist and leg holes. If in doubt, choose the next size up to accommodate diapers and those unpredictable baby growth spurts. That baby's growing as you read this.

Kids Swimsuits

Kids swimwear is fun. There are several styles to choose from, including suits that feature action heroes, princesses, and bold prints. The kids swimsuits come in all those cute little sizes and just looking at those bright solid colors and vibrant prints makes everyone smile.

Girls styles include solid suits in one piece or two piece in colors ranging from white or pastels to bright neon hues. Prints for girls offer everything from soft watercolor looks, small floral patterns, bold flowers or geometric shapes. Playful one piece suits with skirts offer more coverage.

Styles for boys offer a range of dark or bright colors, Hawaiian prints, and rugged styling such as board shorts for a surfer boy look. Whether he wants to be the James Bond of the beach or stick to a plain style, the boys in the family can make a splash in new swim trunks.

It's a good idea to check the kids' waist sizes before ordering. Changes in kids sizes seem to happen by magic. Take a look at the size charts and feel free to ask questions if you're not sure. As with babies, ordering the next size up can reduce the risk of discomfort. The kids become more self-conscious and prone to embarrassment when they start talking and noticing other boys and girls. Getting the right swimwear and having it fit right is one of the best ways to prepare kids for a great season of fun.

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