Prepare Your Pool For Warmer Weather

by Pool Builders on 04-26-2011 in Articles

Unless it is in a year-round warm weather area, like South Florida or Southern California, a pool goes through the seasons just like the rest of us. As the weather cools down in early fall, it gets used less and less, then it is covered and goes into hibernation over the winter.

But when summer begins to peak around the corner, the cover comes off. For anyone who has owned a pool or lived near a public one, however, you know that just because a pool is uncovered does not mean it is ready for a summer crowd.

The winter and lack of use or maintenance inevitably take its toll on your pool. You will need to prepare it for the warmer weather in the summertime before your family and friends can enjoy it.

Give It An Inspection

This will be more difficult if you did not drain your pool over the winter; however, you should always give your pool a thorough inspection before the summer. Look for cracks, potential leaks, or general eyesores. These will only worsen over time, so it is recommended to take care of the problem at the beginning of the season. In some cases, you might be able to fix a crack yourself, but in more severe cases you will need to contact a professional pool repair company. Also, check, clean, and back wash your filters and pumps to ensure they are clean and working properly for the summer.

Clean Up The Mess

If you left water in your pool over the off-season, you will need to use a pool vacuum or scrub brush to clean the bottom and sides of your pool. Use a net to scoop up any leaves, branches or other miscellaneous objects that might have gotten in your pool. This will also allow you to get a better look when you are carrying out your inspection. Even if you drained your pool, a solid, detailed scrubbing of the lining will be a benefit in the long-run. You should pay particular attention to areas that are hard to reach or receive minimal water circulation when your pool if filled, like stair corners.

Treat Your Water

When you have your pool filled to your desired water level, you will need to treat it so that it is ready for everyday swimming and keeps harmful bacteria at bay. First, shock your pool, following the directions on a bottle of shock treatment. Then, measure the PH levels in your pool, making sure they are in the correct range, which is typically between 7.4 and 7.6. Following instructions on your chlorine label, be sure to add enough chlorine so that your pool maintains its cleanliness.

In just a few steps, you can have your pool ready for the rapidly approaching summer season. If you have questions or concerns about preparing your pool, contact a local pool maintenance company to help you and your family get in your pool even quicker.

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