Preparing a Backyard Pool for the July 4th Cookout   

by Pool Builders on 06-14-2011 in Articles

Usually people holding 4th of July cookouts want their pools to be in great shape for the event. Swimming during such a cookout is a refreshing and cooling activity that people gathered for the festivities enjoy. Swimming while watching fireworks is a popular pastime. Even those who elect to sip a beverage or eat the grilled hotdogs rather than swim while they watch the fireworks and enjoy the holiday atmosphere will enjoy a clean and well-maintained pool. The following are some tips on preparing a backyard pool for the 4th of July cookout:

Consider Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are devices that make cleaning the pool easy. They are often long electromechanical devices with spinning cleaning wheels that do a much better job than the average pool brush and vacuum. Automatic pool cleaners will make getting the pool ready for the 4th of July or any other event a breeze. Automatic pool cleaners can be purchased at pool supply stores and from a number of online retailers.

Clean the Pool Border and Walking Areas

Clean the pool borders and walking areas as well as the inside. This can be done with a scrub brush, mop, ordinary vacuum cleaner, rags and sponges, and other similar cleaning accessories. It is important not to neglect this part of the pool as it will be one people are likely to stand or sit while they converse and take part in the cookout.

Clean Ladders, Diving Board and Other Accessories

Similarly, pool owners need to make sure they don't forget about things like ladders and diving boards. You can wipe down pool ladders with a household cleaner and a rag. The diving board can be sponged off with a semi abrasive sponge or a rag with a cleaner like Comet to make sure it is in good and pure condition. Pool owners should make sure to thoroughly rinse off any cleansers afterwards so that they do not get on people's feet when they use the diving boards and walkways. They can hose these areas down with a garden hose or use a bucket and water from the pool for rinsing purposes, being sure to avoid the pool, as well. Provide a trash can for guests to use outdoors to avoid plates and cups piling up outdoors.


Another obvious thing to take care of is the lawn. Backyard pools are often located on the backyard lawn. It is important to have it recently mowed and well-kept for the cookout. Also, make flowers look neat and see that hedges are trimmed and low-hanging tree branches are clipped.

Using an automatic pool cleaner to thoroughly clean the pool, good poolside cleaning and good landscaping will make a pool the centerpiece of a great cookout. It is easy to achieve a greatly enhanced pool environment with just a little bit of care and effort. A pool owner's 4th of July will be that much more enjoyable with a sparkling clean pool and a well manicured yard.

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