Prescription Swim Goggles - See What You've Been Missing

by Pool Builders on 08-02-2010 in Articles

If you wear eyeglasses, how do you see when swimming? There are prescription swim goggles to help you see just as clear while you are in the water as if you are out. You could wear your contact lenses if you want to take the chance of losing one or both, and contacts are expensive compared to a prescription swim goggles. You can get prescription swim goggles as the same strength as your eyeglasses or contacts, not only can you still see while swimming but wearing goggles will keep harmful chemicals and bacteria out of your eyes.

Prescription swim goggles come in different styles and colors, tinted to protect you from the sun, or clear to wear at night or at an indoor pool. They also come in various strengths from -2.0 to -8.0, they are anti-fog, you will want to get a pair with a flat lens that will be easier to see through and your vision will be clearer. Get a pair of these swim goggles with a silicone seal, many goggles come with a rubber seal and they will not last as long. There are a few other things to look at before you get a pair.

· Silicone seal
· Anti-fog
· Come with a case to protect you prescription swim goggles from damage
· Guaranteed, removable nose piece and adjustable straps
· Various colors and style
· Tinted
· Flat lens for clearer vision
· Strength from -2.0 to-8.0
· Find a pair you will be comfortable with, they will need to fit snug but not too tight

Be careful in the type you purchase you will want to buy a custom pair of prescription goggles, which is a pair made to order, a diopter pair is already preset with a strength and if you purchase the wrong strength you can further damage your eyes.

Prescription swim goggles can be worn for different sports as well for swimming. There are other water sports, where someone would need to wear goggles instead of contacts or eyeglasses. You could wear goggles over your eyeglasses, but the goggles would not fit as they are supposed to, and water would leak in. Basketball players can now wear prescription swim goggles as well to protect their eyes if they are required to wear eyeglasses or contacts to see, eyeglasses cannot be worn if playing basketball, and contacts can be damaged if someone would poke or hit a player in the eye while playing. Prescription goggles will allow the basketball to be able to see to play ball and keep his eyes protected at the same time.

So no matter what sport or if you need prescription swim goggles for just swimming, buy a pair you will be comfortable in and that fits you snug and our the strength you need.

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