Preserve the Hygiene of Your Pool With Pool Filter Cartridges  

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2011 in Articles

For effective functioning of your cartridge pool filter, regular cleaning and maintenance is required.

With swimmers jumping in and out of pool water all day round, swimming pool is subject to become hot bed of germs. In order to maintain the hygiene of your pool, you need to prevent the water of your pool from going septic. If you do not pay attention towards the maintenance of your pool and leave it alone then it would turn green due to formation of algae. However, with efficient pool filter cartridges around you can not just maintain the sanitation of your pool but also protect swimmers from getting sick.

One thing which you need to understand is that, for the pumps to perform properly, low pressure needs to be maintained. However, when debris and grime accrue on the gear, pressure increases. When the pressure gauge shows a pressure of 8 ‚¬€ 10 psi, which above the normal operating pressure the normal functioning of the pump is hindered.

The high stress created as a result of high pressure obstructs the free circulation of water by the pump at normal rates. Moreover, power consumption is increased which results in wastage of energy and the system becoming ineffective.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of your cartridge pool filter, regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter is very important. While cleaning the tools, the main circuit breaker within should be shut off and all of the water in that particular area must be drained so that tools may be taken away with out causing any sort of damage. Moreover, the strain valve is required to be opened so that the pressure built in the system is relieved.

The cartridges are cleaned by making use of high pressured spray nozzle so that all of the dirt and mud get cleaned off them. The hosepipe should be held at an angle of forty five degrees so that all debris and dirt is rinsed off.

Once the gear is cleaned, the housing of the tools should be cleaned utilizing the same hose and water till water coming from it is clear and clean. Once the equipment and the housing become clean the tools could be re-installed into the housing and the system could be restarted.

Even after cleaning of the equipment and housing if the pressure fails to subside, then this will possibly be an indicator to buy new tools as the current ones are worn out and wish replacement.

In order to ensure effective and fast cleaning of your pool, pool filter which is bigger than the swimming pool's capacity should be opted for.

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