Prevent Pool Tragedy - Install a Pool Safety Net

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2010 in Articles

It is a sad and tragic statistic that 35% of all child drowning incidents in the US occur in the family pool of the child concerned, a relatives or neighbours pool. This is an extremely distressing fact and is preventable.

There is really no excuse for having a residential swimming pool, either in-ground, indoors or above ground, unprotected and unsafe for children. This is regardless of the fact of whether you have small children or not.

Pool Safety Legislation is now in force in many countries, states and counties worldwide. These give very strict safety guidelines to follow if you already have a swimming pool or are considering the installation of one. If you are unaware of these legal issues then please check the local government requirements which apply to your location.

A simple but very secure answer to the above problem is to install a child proof mesh safety net to cover your exposed pool. There are a number of very high quality products available in this range and the suppliers will readily arrange for the supply and installation for you.

A safety pool net is secured to the pool decking and provides a secure surface should a child climb onto it. These mesh nets have small hole sizes which prevent a child placing its head through the netting and making contact with the water. They also provide a platform for the child to be kept safe above the water line until it can be removed to total safety.

A pool net also provides safety for small pets which may stray into the pool area and are not strong swimmers. These pool nets are also useful to cover fish ponds, spas and water features. Light weight rollers and reels are available to make removal of the nets easier. Pool Net covers are available at all quality pool supply outlets.

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