Preventing Algae Growth in Your Pool During Winter  

by Pool Builders on 01-15-2014 in Articles

When winter strikes no one wants a nasty growth of algae to dull the shine of their beloved pool. Therefore it is important that you look after the maintenance of your pool even during the time when it is not in use. Here is all that you need to know in order to keep your pool healthy and free of any unpleasant bacterial growth.

Clean & balanced

Remove any debris such as plant material or organic matter from your pool using a cleaning net as this is a key condition for algae development. After thoroughly ensuring your pool is spic and span proceed to balance the chemistry of your pool. The pH levels in the water should ideally sit between 7.2 and 7.6 whilst the chlorine levels should range from 2ppm to 3ppm. Keep a close eye on these measurements as the chlorine levels can often prove volatile during winter months, dropping drastically if proper care is not provided.

Circulation is key

Keeping your pool well circulated eliminates the possibility of bacteria and algae as well as ensuring your pool is safe and family friendly once the winter season comes to an end. Allowing the water to flow as well as cleaning your filter of any debris collected, will discourage algae growth during the cooler months. Additionally you can ensure that the water is circulating evenly within your pool through the cleaning and maintenance of the skimmer and pump strainers which are vital for water circulation. During winter it is advised that your run the pool pump up to 6 hours in order to keep the water well dispersed.

Keep it clean

Many people slack off with household duties come winter succumbing to the chilly temperatures, however regular cleaning is essential for a healthy and well looked after pool. Despite preventative measures such as regular circulation, certain amounts of bacteria and algae can manage to grow within the undetected areas of your pool. To prevent bacterial growth from tarnishing the beauty of your pool, regularly brushing the sides and floor of your pool are strongly encouraged. The sight of manual cleaning brushes and vacuums can be quite the dampener after a long day but worry not, if you are tired of finding yourself in such situations, an automatic cleaner is the option for you. However, if the idea of manual cleaning doesn't faze you then by all means brush away!


Winterizing algaecides are available in a range of brands and varieties and work wonders for any existing algae that may be polluting the environment of your pool. Additionally, stronger algaecides are highly affective during winter months and work well even if used once, lasting the entirety of the off season. This is a highly beneficial preventative measure and can work in conjunction with other winterizing chemicals without disturbing the chemistry of your pool.

Cover it up!

Securing your pool with a sturdy cover will keep it free of any pollutants that may lead to bacterial growth as well as encouraging existing algae to bloom. Installing a cover is a great idea during the winter period as your pool is of minimal use. Make sure that cover you install fits your pool tightly as it is a physical closure from any organic contaminants that may find their way in from surrounding foliage and shrubbery.

The trouble of algae and bacteria comes with the turf of being a pool owner, but following these simple and easy steps will allow you to enjoy a well maintained pool all year round. For more information on all the latest algae prevention products and tools, contact your American Pool Services specialists.

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