Preventing Child Swimming Pool Injuries and Drowning

by Pool Builders on 04-27-2009 in Articles

If you have a swimming pool in your back yard and small children living in your home, there is obviously a risk that is created by this situation. You try to supervise your child at all times but you can get busy and just like that your child can slip away undetected. To avoid any risk of injury that could occur as a result, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to prevent your child from finding their way to the pool without you realizing it.

Constructing a fence around your pool that separates it from your back yard is a great way to keep your little one out of the pool. This fence would be separate from a fence that encloses the entire back yard, which could be easily accessed from a back door leading into the back yard. Equip the fence with a gate that closes itself and latches. Additionally, you should make sure that the latch is above the reach of your child. Do these things and your small child will find it very difficult to find a way into your pool.

Pool covers are also a good way to prevent a child from falling into the pool. There are covers that are strong and durable enough that your child would not be able to easily get under the cover. The cover is not considered fail-proof and is generally not considered a good substitute for an actual fence.

Teach your child to swim as early as possible. Of course, you want to prevent your child from falling into your pool unsupervised, but if for some reason that happens you want your child to be able to be prepared to handle the situation the best way possible. If your child is comfortable being in and swimming in the water, the chances that he or she will be able to swim their way out of the pool are much higher.

Taking the right precautionary steps can help you to avoid injury or drowning that might occur if your child were to fall into your swimming pool. It is very difficult to eliminate all risk, especially since you will not always be the one watching your child and your child could be at another home where those same precautions were not taken. So, keep this in mind until your child is old enough to be let around pools alone.

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