Preventing Theft from your Home  

by Pool Builders on 09-27-2008 in Articles

Have you ever been burglarized while you were sleeping? Have you ever woken up in the morning with your door or window ajar, your drawers drawn and important items missing? Whether you're living alone or living with your family, being burglarized is detestable and it could happen to anyone unsuspecting of this.

With the economy becoming worse by the day, more and more people will turn to crime to earn a living. Unfortunately, where there is crime, there are victims. More so, you can be a victim in the comfort and 'safety' of your own home. To try and avoid being burglarized follow these steps:

1. Make sure that locks, latches, doorknobs are all in good working condition. Install dead bolts and ball and chains on your doors.
2. Keep your keys to yourself, try not to leave it under the carpet or flowerpot!
3. Never open the door to strangers. Crack-open the door to strangers with the ball and chain in place. That way, you can still shut the door when you need to. Always ask for identification and ask if you can verify the identification given by strangers before opening the door to them.
4. Never tell a stranger on the phone that you are alone in the house.
5. Install home protection devices on your doors and windows. Better products are coming of the market that will save you money and the headache of installing expensive and complicated home protection alarms.

Simple home protection alarms are motion detectors for your doors and windows. These systems would give out an alarm when your doors or windows are opened. There are also other systems that would bark like a dog and scare off your unwanted guests. These barking lifesavers would never be needed for a walk or a trip to the veterinarian. Other systems would call a phone number informing of the intrusion.
If you have pool and find unwanted guests taking a dip in it, there are also motion detectors that can be installed in your swimming pool. Ward off those uninvited night-swimmers with an alarm system. This sensor can also double as a safety alarm if you have kids in the house, I'd hate to imagine your bundle of joy finding its way to the swimming pool without your knowledge and decides to take a swim. Be always in the know and in the alert by installing a swimming pool motion detector.

There are many ways to secure your homes now, whether you do it with the help of man's best friend or battery operated ones.
Protecting yourself and your family from harm
should be one of your top priorities. Although it
requires time going out searching for the right
gadgets to equip yourself with. Good thing you
can just visit [].

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