Primary Considerations for Swimming Pool Removal  

by Pool Builders on 05-23-2014 in Articles

In order to demolish and remove an old, useless or dysfunctional swimming pool from a residence or a commercial establishment, there are a few important considerations.

A very specific set of data has to be made available to the contractor and all of these things need to be considered when preparing and planning for the job. Swimming pool demolition St. Petersburg service providers base their response to a job request by determining first a few essential parameters.

One of the prime considerations is site accessibility. The removal equipment may be adequate and are carefully chosen to be the perfect fit for the size and dimensions of the pool. However, if the crew is not prepared for the environmental restrictions that they are up against, the job might take twice longer than the time originally allotted for it. If the crew cannot readily get to the site, then they will not be able to get the job done. With regard to accessibility to the site, the following parameters that need to be determined: 1) overhead/height restrictions, 2) slope of the land, and 3) width of the opening/access into the pool location, 4) most efficient means of transporting filling material.Any information gathered pertaining to these parameters will help the crew in choosing the best type of equipment to use. This will give them a clear picture of how the whole procedure will be done.

Another important data to determine prior to the day set for pool removal is the make or type of the swimming pool that is to be demolished. Two of the most commonly used materials that removal crews have to deal with are concrete and fiberglass. These materials require a different set of tools for a fast and thorough removal operation. The type of swimming pool has to be determined for a more accurate quote or estimate of expected costs.

It is also essential that the removal crew know the specific request of the pool owner with regard to how the defunct pool shall be dealt with. There are instances when owners prefer the pool demolition to be total such that the whole structure is removed. In some cases, the owner only requires the pool to be buried with the top rim exposed. There are also situations wherein the homeowner very specifically wants the whole pool top rim included, to be completely covered with filling material such that no sign of it ever being there is left in the area after the job is done.

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