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Swimming is a skill anyone can learn, no one is ever born with it. But not everyone has the same learning curve. Private swimming lessons are for students who want to learn at their own leisure and at their own pace. It is a one on one learn to swim program that focuses the student's abilities, capacity to learn and the level of skill he or she wants to achieve.

For Beginners

We do understand that not everyone has the courage enough to take the first plunge. That there are people who need more time to learn even the basics of swimming. As experienced by a lot of instructors like us, even adults may have a hard time submerging their whole head underwater and hold their breath. In a group swimming class this scenario will put other students at a disadvantage, because the swimming instructor will have to pay more attention to the student who is having difficulty. One on one swimming lessons can help a student build on the basic skills and confidence first.

For Mid-Level Students

There are students who naturally love the water and may have learned a few techniques on their own. But then, learning how to swim with the wrong technique usually prevents a person from really enjoying the water. The scientific techniques taught by professional swimming instructors enable swimmers to effortlessly glide in the water - without ever becoming breathless. If you feel that it is an effort to cross even the width of an Olympic pool then you have the wrong technique. Private swimming lessons allow instructors to assess your technique and train you towards improvement.

Advanced Students

Not all swimmers are competitive. And for those who are into winning swim meets and getting faster and better, private swimming lessons help them reach their goal. Swimming is an ever changing sport. This is because swimming instructors constantly strive to learn about the human form, the physics of speed and drag, and best swimming technique possible. This is an advantage for the kind of swimming student who strives to perform better.

Busy Students

A private swimming lesson is a learning alternative if you have very little time to learn how to swim or improve on your swimming techniques. You may choose any schedule and venue in Singapore that is most convenient for you. Lessons can be also fast-tracked as you wish in case you need to learn the basics before you head off to a Caribbean Cruise. Lessons can also be personalized based on your needs, for example, techniques for open water swimming or a specific competitive stroke such as the freestyle, back or breast stroke and butterfly.

Students in Therapy

There are times when learning how to swim is not all about the technique but the sheer enjoyment (and the health benefit) that people get from it. Students with asthma, polio, and those who just got out of surgery can benefit from the swimming lessons. They are sometimes the most awe inspiring students because of how they really appreciate the freedom and relaxation that they get from it.

With all the experienced and skilled swimming professionals, we have turned swimming to become very easy for beginners. We will proceed in a systematic manner so that it will be seamless where there will be no obstacles in your learning process. We are going to share few hidden aspects of swimming here so that you can identify us. We work with a concept which is innovative based where everything will be possible. Follow our lessons that are given below and get ready to enjoy swimming!

First get comfortable with water. Play some games in water like bobbing, kicking, underwater games etc. These moves will make you familiar with water. There is no doubt that your interest matters more than anything else. You should try things like back and front floating in water. Open your eyes in water and try to breathe underwater. When you do these things, your psychological barrier will automatically come out of you.

In the second phase, you should develop the aquatic skills. You should try to swim at least 15 meters on your front and back and also try to submerge your entire head inside the water and also try finding underwater missing objects. This will be a fantastic game to get familiar with swimming.
Third lesson will be stroke development. Stroke development is very crucial because without proper strokes, swimming is not possible. There are certain things that should be approached with all the care so as to attain results. With proper strokes, you should be able to swim with some distances.
Fourth lesson is about correction of strokes. If your strokes are correct then it is quite obvious that you can easily change your directions. Practice as much as possible. You should practice with both styles front crawl and breast strokes. At this stage you should try to increase distance of crawling. You should try to cover at least distance of 25m at this stage. Try to jump into the water from some height and balance yourself. It has been seen that people often get frightened about jumping from some height into the water but it is a must do this task to learn swimming.
You should go for stroke refinement in the fifth stage so that things can turn easy for you. Flip turn is the must learn thing that is involved in the process. With the flip turn, you will explore a complete new world of swimming.
Skill Betterment: You should practice as much as possible so that things can be easy for you. As you practice, you will be able to explore new things in swimming.
As its one coach to one student swimming lessons, you will be learning at your own pace!

It's the fastest way to catch up with your own age group or make up for lost time. Its also good for those who can get distracted easily by other students in a class. It provides extra confidence for those who has bad experience in water and assistance to overcome a hurdle.

You will be able to learn and concentrate on specific swimming strokes based on the student's needs and skill level. Now you can target on strokes which you deem is more important or improve certain strokes. Your lesson outlines can be scaled to your own learning pace and preference when you discuss it over with your private instructor.

You need to be able to swim in a short time frame for a beach holiday or job requirements? Our professional, licensed and experienced instructors will be able to assist. Students usually learn faster in a private swimming lesson.

If you have busy or varying schedules, you can work out a most suitable timing with your private coach. You can get to choose a most convenient location or get your private instructor to come to your home if you have a private swimming pool.

With all the guidelines written above, it is quite obvious that you have learned new things regarding swimming. Practice all the things written above and get ready to explore a whole new world of swimming!

The aim of the one on one instruction is to personalize learning so that everyone is given a chance to be able to experience the joys and rewards of swimming.

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