Pro's and Con's of the Pentair Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2013 in Articles

So you've finally raised enough money to buy that dream swimming pool you've always wanted since you were young. A pool that's totally yours. No more public pools filled with pee and germs. However, you deal with a serious problem: there isn't enough space for the pool. Moreover, buying a brand new pool might break your budget. There is only one viable solution in this case: above ground swimming pools.

Advantages of Owning an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Exactly what the name indicates, these pools are not built into your concrete floor, being placed above the ground. Of course, there are many advantages of owning an above ground swimming pool, such as:

- Cheaper than ground pools.

- Easier to maintain and less costly.

- You don't need so much space to install them.

- Safer than ground pools.

- Extremely easy to install.

- Easy to empty, winterize or reopen.

What Does a Pool Pump Do?

However, if you want to have your own groundbreaking swimming pool, choosing a proper pump is a must in order to keep your pool clean. A pump circulates the water continuously, purifying it and keeping the chemicals evenly distributed. A complex filtering system is specially designed to keep your water clean and free from bacteria and algae. Probably one of the most important part of the filtering system is the pool pump. Without a top quality pump, the filtering system won't work accordingly, and the pool will get dirty extremely fast.

The pump has several parts, including the motor, housing, diffuser, pressure gauge and the impeller. One of the best and most complex above ground pool pumps on the market is the reputable Pentair Dynamo. This modern above ground pump is extremely good reviewed by all its users, because the Pentair brand has been making top quality products and pool equipment for decades.

Top Features

The Pentair above ground swimming pool pump is the result of over 40 years of design and efficiency. Its creators have managed to assemble an efficient and longevive pool pump that has broken new ground in this niche. The specialists from Pentair have taken into account the saying: "work smarter, not harder", and have implemented the latest technologies into this product. As a result, the Pentair Dynamo pump requires less horsepower to deliver the same amount of water flow as any other similar pump on the market. Consequently, it slashes your energy bill, helping you save up to 20% energy on a monthly basis.

This groundbreaking pump features durable components made of fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic specially designed to resist fatigue and corrosion. This user-friendly pump requires no tools whatsoever and can be installed hassle-free. The Pentair Dynamo pump is self-priming, preventing pump damage and seal overheating. Its large capacity basket that features a see-through lid is specially made so you can easily inspect the inside. With a 1 year warranty, this modern above ground pool pump provide excellent pressure performance due to its unique impeller and diffuser.

Pentair Dynamo Advantages

Some of the most important advantages of this pump are:

- An Extended Lifespan. Due to its high quality components made of fiberglass thermoplastic, the Pentair Dynamo swimming pool pump resists much more in time.

- Minimizes Friction and Turbulence. Due to its amazing design, as water moves through the pump, the turbulence is minimized and the performance is increased.

- Increased Power. Even if it has only 1 or 1.5 horsepower, the pump is very effective and does its job amazingly well.

- Transparent Strainer Pot Lid and Comfortable Handle. Due to this feature, it is extremely easy to inspect the strainer basket and observe anything that is not working by the book.

- Quieter. This pump is way more quiet than other pumps on the market because it was designed by a group of experienced engineers.

- Save More Energy. Lastly, one of the best advantages is that you can reduce the overall cost of your electricity bill by over 20%.

Pentair Dynamo Disadvantages

As any other product on the market, this pool filter has its own disadvantages. Some of them are:

- Single Speed. In case the pressure is too high, only one speed would not suffice.

- 1 Year Warranty. Compared to other pumps that offer 2 or 3 years warranty, the 1 year limited warranty is not enough.

Overall, even if it has its own pros and cons, the Pentair Dynamo [] above ground pool pump is an amazing choice for anyone who wants to gain the peace of mind his pool is clean and doesn't pose any health risks.

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