Problems That You May Encounter When Owning a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2009 in Articles

Having access to a swimming pool at home can provide an area for exercise and relaxation, as well as for entertaining and hosting parties for all ages. However, without the proper research, care and attention, a pool can turn into something that is unable to be used.

Prior to purchasing and installing swimming pools, many people fail to carry out the full and proper research to all of the costs involved with owning one. For example, although the main costs will be the actual pool purchase, this is not the only cost involved, with the most prominent being the maintenance of the pool. Whether a professional company is paid to maintain it on a regular basis or the owner carries out the maintenance, the monthly costs can be highly unexpected.

By paying a company to carry out the maintenance, owners may pay extra but can relax knowing all costs are covered. However, although cheaper, if the pool owner carries out the maintenance, they must consider the cost of cleaning equipment, water chemical tests and any chemicals required, as well as the value of their own time.

Further to maintenance costs, many people forget the need for additional extras such as poolside furniture and furnishings, most notably tables, chairs and loungers. These can be purchased at a low cost individually, but the total price can be substantial once all have been acquired.

Unfortunately, some of the most common problems with swimming pools are with the actual water and can be prevented with simple regular maintenance. For example, by checking the pH levels of the water - which can be carried out by purchasing an inexpensive DIY kit - owners can see if the water is at the correct pH level, approximately 7.4, for safe swimming. If it is not, then the appropriate chemicals can be added to the water - extensive instructions for which are available when the chemicals are purchased - to bring the pH level to the correct level.

Although a large amount of water problems can be resolved by having the water at the correct pH level, there are some water problems that can be prevented by other measures. The following two points are generally considered the most regular pool water problems outside of an incorrect pH balance.

Black spots

Visible black spots are almost always the sign of black algae. It can be removed by a thorough cleaning of the pool (including the filter) and surrounding area, but unfortunately, as algae is a known problem in all forms of water, a full and guaranteed prevention is difficult to implement and regular cleaning and maintaining a suitable chlorine level is the best cause of action.

Green appearance

Similar to the appearance of black spots, if the water turns a shade of green, it is usually as a direct result of algae in the water. Should this happen, the water should be shocked with unstabilized chlorine, with any amount from 10ppm to 25ppm depending on the severity of the algae. Once the shocking has been complete, the pool should be cleaned manually and the filter should be washed thoroughly.

By keeping chlorine levels at approximately 3ppm, the chance of algae appearing in the swimming pool and turning the water green is greatly reduced.

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