Problems With Your Pool - Yellow Algae

by Pool Builders on 06-08-2009 in Articles

Like most problems in a pool, yellow algae can become really annoying if it's not taken care of quickly. Mustard or yellow algae appears as a yellowish-green color that can be easily brushed off the walls and floor of your swimming pool.

Using a shock treatment can eliminate it, but a more effective way to getting rid of yellow algae is to use a "yellow" product that is designed specifically to target this type of algae in conjunction with a shock treatment. These products usually contain sodium bromide that when used with a shock treatment create bromine. Bromine tends to be better suited for dealing with this type of algae.

If you're seeing mustard algae, your problem is two fold. If it is appearing it means that your sanitizer levels are not being kept at an adequate level. Generally you want a 1-3 PPM level of free chlorine (if that is your sanitizer) to make sure that things like mold, algae, and bacteria cannot survive in the pool water.

Remember while doing this process you'll want to keep your filter on at all times. During the shocking treatment raise the chlorine to 5-10 PPM, and let it sit at around 1-3 PPM overnight. Do this, and you will notice your algae problem disappear.

If you own a pool, yellow algae can appear thanks to poor pool maintenance, but this isn't necessarily your fault. It can be difficult to know how to maintain your own pool water, and outsourcing this work can be very expensive.

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