Process of Pool Demolition  

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2011 in Articles

Pools are the great places to spend our summer in and therefore a luxury that everybody would like to have. But sometimes it is even more important to get a pool removed than getting a new one installed. There are two major types of pools that we have in our houses. One of them is above ground pool that can be easily installed and removed from the house by simple screwing and unscrewing. However the real task is when you have an in-ground pool that is made of concrete but has become so old or leaky that you want it to get removed.

The process begins by hiring a contractor who has enough capability and equipment to do you a good service. For that matter you need to arrange some money to spend onto your pool removal process. The process begins by submitting permits to the building authorities and sending notifications to the department of Environmental Protection. Then at the starting date all the fences and shrubs are completely removed from the site. Sometime it is necessary to disconnect the power and the water supply. It is always better to discuss all these matters with the contractor in hand so that you don't have any problems later.

Next the pool is pumped out and all the material including the metal, wood and plaster is removed. The concrete is broken down manually or with the help of the bulldozers. Manual removal is cheaper buy takes more than double the time moreover it produces unnerving noise that makes living in that very place extremely difficult. Also the amount of the debris produced is more than it were with the help of trucks and bulldozers. This is the reason why most of the people would prefer machine operated removal than the manual type.

Once all the concrete is broken it is carried away to the waste disposal or the recycling plant. Sometimes it is made into smaller pieces and used to fill the hole in the swimming pool. Most of the people prefer to get the pools filled with the new dig soil. The site must be inspected by the local building department in the end to ensure that all the work has been completed in the right manner. Consulting the building department is necessary so that every thing that has been done is in accordance with the building laws and standards

Now in the end the area must be compacted and graded to a proper elevation. For elevating the land you need to take the service from other people or you may settle it with your contractor. Many times the contractors not only provide the top soil but also rake the subsoil area. You can even ask your contractor to seed and mulch the area and convert it into a lawn. In this way you can enjoy another luxury in the form a beautiful landscape where you can enjoy and relax with your family. Never forget to take the warranty from your contactors, so that they are always available for the service if you need them in future.

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