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by Pool Builders on 06-21-2008 in Articles

Professional swimming pool cleaners are very useful people to know if you own a swimming pool and require help with maintenance at some stage.

What kind of services to the professionals offer and when is it absolutely necessary to call them in?

Most professional pool cleaning companies offer a range of services catered for both the domestic and commercial pool cleaning markets. Here are some of the kind of services you can expect to find on offer:

(1) Swimming pool maintenance

This normally involves an annual maintenance contract which specifies the frequency at which your pool is cleaned. Cleaning normally encompasses the removal of debris, testing and treatment of water, a check on the filtration system, replacement of parts when necessary and maintenance of water levels.

The advantage of using this type of service is that your pool receives regular servicing. Obviously, this is something that you could do yourself. However, if you live away from your property for part of the year, it could be a worthwhile investment. Regular cleaning and maintenance is absolutely essential to prolong the life of your swimming pool and protect those who use it.

Maintenance plans are based on the size of your pool and the number of maintenance visits required per year. A good company will provide you with regular routine maintenance reports on the health or otherwise of your swimming pool.

(2) Special swimming pool cleaning services

Even if you decide to do all of your own pool cleaning, using an automatic robotic pool cleaner for example, there will be certain jobs that you will almost definitely need to call in a specialist for.

To give you the heads up on this, I have listed a few of these down for you here:

(a) Replacement of your filter pump - if your pump breaks down you will almost certainly need to call out an engineer to fix this.

(b) Swimming pool repair - as pools age, the plaster can often crack and will require repair. Whilst you may be able to buy products on the market to do this yourself, it's normally better to call out a specialist firm and get the job done professionally.

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